PhiladelphiaAside from 2008, the last time a franchise in Philadelphia won a title was in 1983. Back then, the “Fo’, Fo’, Fo'” 76ers were the apple of the city’s eye, and neighborhoods were – and still are – being gentrified. Today, the Birthplace of America is home to a new title – though it’s a rather dubious one. According to mobile security company Lookout, Philadelphia is the number one city in the U.S. for lost cell phones. Hooray?

Lookout collated data from over nine million phones – lost and stolen – from folks who used “lost phone” apps over the course of 2011. Every time a person attempted to find his or her phone, data collected from both GPS and Foursquare was cross-referenced to find the closest landmark. Lookout said it filtered out “false positives” from folks who constantly searched for their phone in a short time window. Philadelphia led the pack for lost phones, while Seattle and Oakland were number two and three, respectively.

Unsurprisingly, coffee shops were the number one venue consumers lost their phones, followed by bars. Home of the Liberty Bell, Cheese Steaks and lost cell phones: take a bow, Philly. The next time you lose your smartphone, have a gander around your nearest Philadelphia coffee shop; chances are you ditched it there.

Top 10 cities for lost cell phones, 2011:

  1. Philadelphia
  2. Seattle
  3. Oakland
  4. Long Beach
  5. Newark
  6. Detroit
  7. Cleveland
  8. Baltimore
  9. New York
  10. Boston

Top 10 venues for lost cell phones, 2011:

  1. Coffee Shop
  2. Bar
  3. Office
  4. Restaurant
  5. Apartment & Condo
  6. Grocery Store
  7. Gas Station
  8. Residential
  9. Pharmacy/Drug Store
  10. Park

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