The Galaxy Note 4 is a fantastic Android smartphone, one of the best on the market right now, and its S Pen works pretty well, allowing you to make selections, cut out text, take notes,  sketch drawings and more, all more accurately than ever before. But get this – it's already outdated.

Samsung just announced a new Advanced S Pen during its developers conference, where it made other announcements regarding its Simband wearable and Gear VR headset. The Advanced S Pen will support Samsung's brand new Galaxy Note Edge and Note 4 smartphones.

According to The Next Web, the new Advanced S Pen will be sold directly by Samsung to consumers who wish to add a bit more power to their devices. It offers extra new features, including the ability to recognize tilt, speed and rotation. The news outlet said it also features "advanced editing," though what that enables is still unclear, and will allow users to write more accurately. In other words, your handwriting should look like your handwriting, instead of messy scribbles, according to The Next Web. Developers will also be able to add in S Pen functionality to existing and new apps using a new software development kit (SDK) that Samsung will release.

It's strange that Samsung is releasing an Advanced S Pen so soon after deploying its latest smartphones. One would expect that this would simply be bundled in, but perhaps the newer technology would have increased the cost of the smartphones too much. Samsung did not announce pricing or a release date for the Advanced S Pen.