YouTube is apparently doing whatever it can to keep the platform's biggest stars happy, going so far as arranging "Hollywood hookups." Execs have held discussions about catering to its most popular YouTubers in an effort to meet their needs; plans right now have circled around pairing Hollywood producers with "celebrity" YouTube stars. YouTube execs have apparently felt threatened by content creators distributing content through non-YouTube channels, Variety reports.

When asked for comment, YouTube didn't necessarily address the rumor head-on, instead providing a hammed statement. "We are always exploring various content and marketing ideas to support and accelerate our creators," a YouTube rep said. No other details were provided, of course, but it sure sounds like "exploratory conversations" are being held. The main gist, however, is that YouTube is willing to go out of its way to support existing YouTube partners.

This isn't a play for YouTube to create original shows or channels, Variety said. The service has gone down that route before, with no lasting results. Seeing as it already has hundreds of talented YouTube personalities at its disposal, it appears the company is solely focused on keeping them happy. If that means pairing one YouTuber with big producers for an upcoming video, so be it. If YouTube does focus its resources on such a project, sources claim these projects would be one-off.

In another report from Reuters, sources close to YouTube's plans claim the service could potentially fund an untitled Web series for up to $3 million, though that's just one potential project. Executives are allegedly willing to shell out many millions of dollars to back these projects. For YouTube's best and brightest, it just means the potential to work on a wider range of projects while staying in the ecosystem. And if that includes the help of some major producers, YouTube could make it happen.

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