Wild Guns is returning to the video game world next week with a shiny new release on the PlayStation 4, and it’s arriving just in time to show these young whippersnappers how a real third-person shooter delivers hardcore action.

The big hits of today might have an edge over this Super Nintendo classic when it comes to areas like depth and graphics, but I can’t remember too many third-person firefights over the years that have managed to pump out as much lead.

Natsume’s western themed shooter is never without a dull moment, and it throws a seemingly insurmountable army of robots at you around every turn.

Step right up and prepare to be humbled!

Don’t believe me, huh? Well, when it launches on the PlayStation 4 next week, I hope everybody who doubts the aged sprites and simple look gives it a try. This game isn’t about gimmie-gimmie victories like a good many shooters from the modern age. You’ll have to memorize patterns, catch small hints and signals in enemy animations, and react faster than the game sometimes allows.

The point is, if you sit down and expect to beat it the day you pick it up, well, best of luck. Unless Natsume adds an easy mode, you’re going to get your butt kicked over and over again, and no RPG-style grinding or layout system is going to help you. This is a pure measurement of your skill and your skills alone.

Wild Guns Reloaded will be released for the PlayStation 4 on Dec. 20.