It's been a while since I've covered any Hyrule Warriors content, so how about we check out the adorable Young Link slashing away at his foes.

To celebrate the incoming release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, Nintendo is releasing a dose of DLC for its hack 'n slash Zelda spin-off. The DLC pack includes series punching bag, Tingle, a wide variety of costumes and other ability boosters, and a a cute Young Link who wields a sword that is far too large for him.

It's almost like he's a Final Fantasy character! But you won't be laughing at him when he puts on that Fierce Deity mask, though. Then he becomes a warrior you definitely won't want to mess with, and he can even chop the moon in half!

Following Young Link, Tingle also makes a gameplay appearance. Unsurprisingly, his moves are all balloon, rupee, and "love" based. All Tingle wants to do is spread a little love and joy throughout the world, and he also wants to see an ample reward for his efforts. Why the hate?

Our trailer closes out with different costumes for existing characters, and many of the masks from Majora's Mask will be available to other characters from the game. More specifically, Lana, Impa and Sheik will be able to take advantage of the power-ups.

 Hyrule Warriors' Majora's Mask DLC pack will launch on the Wii U on Feb. 5 for $7.99

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