A young boy allegedly masterminded his escape from years of captivity with the help of technology many millions take for granted everyday. According to police, 13-year-old Gregory Jean Jr. had been kept against his will by his father and "evil" step-mother since 2010, living behind a fake wall in their home. The only solace enjoyed by the teenager was a smartphone (without data), which eventually helped engineer the teenager's escape to freedom.

Gregory reportedly managed to connect the device to nearby Wi-Fi, which allowed him to send a Facebook request to his mother. (I can only imagine the mother's reaction to seeing a friend request from her long-lost son.) After making contact, she provided her number to Gregory, who then called using an app called Magic Jack. He was then able to share details with his mom as to where he was. The cops, of course, were promptly called.

The really scary part about the whole thing was that police had actually visited the house where Gregory was being held captive before, but were unable locate the boy because of the fake wall. Gregory was able to provide more details to his mother about his location, however, which eventually lead to his escape. Five people, including Gregory's dad, step mother and three juveniles have been arrested.