Even if survival horror games give you a headache, you might enjoy this video. In the clip captured by Gamebill Studios, Sebastien Castellanos is literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

A glitch has been found in the recently released Bethesda Softworks game, The Evil Within, directed by Shinji Mikami. In this section, a huge, whirling fanblade threatens to lop your head off if you stand up at the wrong time.

Guess when the player filming this video stands up.

When the character's head is given unceremonious leave from its base, though, things don't go like they usually do. Instead of the body dropping to the ground, lifeless, it reloads its gun while the blade continues to whir just above the chopping line, skimming by with nothing left to cut. Then the body climbs a ladder and starts shooting more bad guys. Getting the code working that adjusted the collision for the body after the decapitation must've been a real pain in the neck.

According to commenters on Polygon, this can be accomplished if the game is set to God Mode on PC.

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