Samsung’s enlisted the help of Landscape Photographer of the Year Matthew Cattell to showcase the capabilities the of the “incredible camera” on board the Galaxy S8, which, for the record, is more or less the same as the one found on its predecessor, but it is a little more advanced in the processing department.

Armed with a Galaxy S8, Cattell took to various locations in Britain — including Mount Snowdon and Stonehenge — to capture images of some of its greatest views. The results are impressive, to say the least. However, they aren’t exactly representative of the type of pictures the average consumer can expect to shoot on their device.

The photographsaremeticulously planned out

As noted by The Verge, the photographs are meticulously planned out (you’d expect nothing less from an award-winning photographer). There’s also a good chance Cattell took advantage of a free-standing tripod to snap the long exposure shots and may have even used some other equipment.