When it released a few years back, 10000000 was this horribly named yet beautifully designed match-3 puzzle game that absolutely had me addicted for weeks on end. You’re stuck in some sort of prison until you accrue 10,000,000 points, and you do that by crawling through progressively harder dungeons by matching tiles and upgrading your skills.

It was really simple, but it offered amazingly addictive gameplay and fantastic music.

Now it’s getting a sequel. After you escape the prison, you’ll need a way to escape the island. Thus, You Must Build a Boat is born.

TouchArcade went hands-on with a preview build of You Must Build a Boat, which you should totally read, and reported on what we can expect in terms of new gameplay.

First, you’re going to build a boat in this game. Yes, ha, we get it it. That means you’ll need to assemble a crew and spend resources on equipping your boat with all the stuff you need to upgrade yourself and succeed in puzzle matching battle. Cool.

What’s really cool, though, is that the core gameplay of the match-3 side has changed. Not in a huge way, no, but in a subtle way that will have more diehard players over the moon with joy, You can now slide tiles during the falling animations. Seems small, yes, but being able to move really fast and keep up with the collapse of the board while chaining previously impossible combos will be awesome. Promise.

TouchArcade has it that You Must Build a Boat will release sometime in May. 10000000 is available on Android and iOS for $2.99-ish, so expect the same for this sequel.

I’m pretty excited for this, how about you?