loved 10000000. Even with its terrible name that made it much harder to talk about in conversation, this match-three game with leveling and a simple art design was addictive as all get out.

It’s about trying to leave a prison. You can’t do it until you reach 10,000,000 points earned. That takes some time.

Now, the sequel is almost upon us. You Must Build A Boat comes because our hero needs a ride off of the island that played home to his jail. His boat will be upgradeable, and it will serve as a vessel filled with all manner of monsters and beasts.

You Must Build A Boat will hit Steam, the App Store and Google Play on June 4. The price point hasn’t been hammered out just yet, but it’s set to cost somewhere between $3 and $5. That might seem steep to some, I suppose, but I personally got enough play out of the first to meet that cost. This one is supposedly bigger, so I’m cool with it.