When it released three years back, I played a ton of 10000000. It’s, as far as I’m concerned, one of the best puzzle matching games out there, and it boasts addictive mechanics and a great soundtrack.

When EightyEight Games announced You Must Build A Boat, a sequel to 10000000, my ears perked up. Of course I want more of that game.

Then it showed up in my inbox a few days ahead of today’s release. And here I am. Addicted.

Luca Redwood, the game’s creator, offered that “If you played 10000000, try playing it after playing YMBAB, the result will shock you :)…” Look, we get a lot of emails from developers both big and small, and those notes often contain some boilerplate hyperbole that someone trying to sell a game tosses out for us to regurgitate. Oftentimes, we ignore it. We’re the judge for you guys, the consumers.

Luca’s absolutely right, though. The features within You Must Build A Boat make 10000000 feel like a prologue instead of the proper first entry. Monster collection, upgrading, better design, the feeling of actual character and environment development. YMBAB just feels exponentially bigger.

You can snap the game up on the App Store, Google Play and Steam right now. It’s moving for $2.99. So far, it’s well worth the price.

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