Apple iPhone 5s-Front

Sources close to Apple's plans claim the Cupertino company is going to re-introduce its Personal Pickup option for the iPhone 5s. Via 9to5Mac, the system could be restored as early as Monday, Sept. 30, and will allow users to reserve Apple's new flagship either through the Apple Store app or online, and then pick it up in-store.

During the iPhone 5s's launch, Apple actually opened the system up for those who chose not to wait in line, though the option was pulled after the first day. The device, which sports Touch ID and a revamped camera, has helped propel early iPhone sales past the 9 million mark; Apple apparently pulled the feature so quickly due to limited supply and to give walk-in customers priority.

We've been hearing supply will be fairly limited until at least December, but with Personal Pickup possibly being rolled out again next week, perhaps there are more units to go around than first thought—at least at retail stores. Having a device shipped directly to you could take much more time.