Microsoft Surface RT ScreenVerizon Wireless retail locations might soon sell Microsoft’s Surface with Windows RT, according to WPCentral. Despite lacking cellular capabilities, the carrier is reportedly  installing display units to sell alongside Windows Phone 8 devices in the hopes of enticing consumers to buy the extra kit.

According to a Verizon manager, the carrier’s plans aren’t to offer some unannounced cellular-enabled version, but rather the one we’re familiar with now. Both companies are keeping hush-hush about the partnership — it’s unclear if any announcements will be made from either party. Would you like a Surface with that HTC 8X, sir? That might be the plan of attack.

In any case, it’s definitely smart on Microsoft’s part to make the Surface more widely available, on one of the bigger carriers no less. Whether that’ll lead to more sales remains to be seen.

[via WPCentral]