Imagine pulling up to a Tesla super charger, and, before you have time to unbuckle your seatbelt, your Model S is already charging up. That’s the kind of future Elon Musk wants to give people—and the video above shows how that might happen.

In the video above, Tesla demonstrates a serpent-like charger prototype that’s capable of finding its way to a Model S’s charging port. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the charger—which, looking at it more closely, looks like a spine— is being controlled by someone off camera. But Musk promises this thing is working completely on its own. Watch as it creepily sways, bends, and carefully attaches itself to the Tesla, like an alien worm sucking the electricity right out of the Model S.

Even Musk admits the “Snakebot autocharger prototype” seems “kinda wrong.” It doesn’t seem natural, and is unlike anything we’re used to seeing. We’re all used to pulling up to gas stations, sticking that nozzle in our gas tanks, and driving off into a sunset of gas fumes. But Tesla owners might get to experience a completely autonomous future filled with zero emissions and advanced snake chargers.

One YouTube commenter sums it up best, “I hope my next car will be Tesla.”

Don’t we all? Just as long as that thing doesn’t malfunction and attach itself to my head.