There’s something about super slow motion that’s just so satisfying, even when the footage features someone getting hit in the face with a soccer ball.

The Slow Mo Guys, comprised of Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, typically use their high-speed cameras to film wonderfully weird experiments. But the results are always most fascinating when they’re the ones being experimented on. In this case, the duo see how a human face is affected when it’s hit with a soccer ball (filled with water).

It reminds me a lot of this scene in The Campaign, in which Will Ferrell’s character punches a baby square in the face.

The video above is filmed at a whopping 28,000 frames per second, allowing The Slow Mo Guys to slow the footage down to 1,120 times slower than normal speed.

It’s fascinating to see how the impact’s force sends energy rippling through his face, and how it contorts into an unrecognizable mess. Who knew our faces were so malleable? You start to appreciate how incredible the human body is when seeing it withstand such a heavy blow.

The Slow Mo Guys have an entire channel filled with videos like this, so give them a look.