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If you're thinking about picking up one of Apple's pretty new iPods, and you're planning to enjoy Apple Music on it, be sure you get the iPod touch. It has been confirmed that users cannot sync Apple Music tracks to either the iPod nano or the iPod shuffle.

It should be obvious that you cannot stream Apple Music on these devices, because neither of them have Wi-Fi connectivity. However, you may have hoped that you'd be able to at least sync Apple Music playlists to them for offline listening. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

Without an Internet connection, it's impossible for tracks to be authenticated on the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, and so they could be kept and used after an Apple Music subscription has expired. To prevent that from happening, Apple simply won't allow Music tracks to be stored locally on these devices.

"So, if you try to sync offline Apple Music tracks to your iPod nano or shuffle, you'll simply get a warning from iTunes that "Apple Music songs cannot be copied to an iPod"," reports 9to5Mac.

Apple could get around this problem in the future by allowing tracks to be synced, but forcing users to sync their iPod on a regular basis — such as once a month — to authenticate them. However, there is no sign of this happening for now, so just don't expect to use Apple Music with your new iPod.