Mario Kart 8 Deluxe features two settings tweaks the are a blessing for players with little kids in their lives. I mean, little, little kids. Those features are auto-steering and auto-acceleration.

You can turn them both on, and your racer will make their way around the track without running off-course or stopping. If you set them, to this setting on, say, 150cc, they’ll place around 6th or 8th every time, pretty much. Which is sort of depressing for a variety of reasons, but let’s leave that alone for now.

Back in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are the coins and kart parts. You’ll, need coins to unlock parts, and the most you can get per Grand Prix when playing alone is 40 coins. That’s 10 per course.

Thanks to the combination of earned currency and the game’s built-in options to set things to automatic, players can now coin farm their way to unlocking everything with little effort. The folks at Nintendo Life put together a video guide, but I doubt you’ll need it based on how easy this is.

I’ll stick to the ol’ fashioned way

First of all, I think it’s lame to let games play themselves for you. Second, I feel like these coins are hardly earned and unlocks are made infinitely less rewarding.

Third? If I want to “coin farm,” I’ll just hand the controller to my kid.