Steam's Average Download Speed by Country

Valve updated the Steam client with yet another fancy stat tracking service. This time around, you can see the average download rates for connected users in countries all over the world. It's actually pretty cool.

If you head to the Steam Download Stats page either in the client or on your standard web browser, you'll see a map that displays the total bytes downloaded by nation. That bit of shared data is old. Now, if you look below the map, you'll see a filter that changes the visual data over to average download.

Click that filter and you'll see the world's speeds light up in different shades of green and black.

Japan, interestingly enough, looks to be one of the brightest countries. While its total downloaded is rather low at 763 TB (compared to, for instance, the 16.8 Petabytes downloaded in the US), its average download speed checks in at 33.5 Mbps. South Korea enjoys a whopping 49.8 Mbps, too! The U.S.? 16.7 Mbps. We need to get on East Asia's level, friends.

If you like looking at maps and charts, this might be fun. I'm a flipping dork, so, yes, it's fun for me.