Popular audio streaming platform SoundCloud has finally updated its iOS client with compatibility for Chromecast — so you can now cast your favorite tracks to the thumb-sized dongle, without the need for any wires.

In line with the upgrade that arrived for Android a little over a week ago, you'll also be able to use your iPad, iPod or iPhone to play songs from SoundCloud Go+ — the company's paid subscription service — through your Chromecast.

After you've started playing music over Chromecast, the SoundCloud application will suggest additional tracks to listen to, eliminating the need to manually queue the next song, though you still can if you want to.

How do I install the update?

If you have Automatic Updates enabled, there's a good chance the upgrade is already installed on your iOS device. However, if you'd like to grab it manually, simply open up the App Store, head over to the application's page, then hit Update.