Missed your favorite Beats 1 show? Don't worry; Apple is giving listeners the opportunity to replay entire shows through Apple Music after they've been broadcast.

The new Beats 1 Replays feature is only available on select shows for now, it seems, but the big three — those hosted by Zane Lowe, Julie Agenuga, and Ebro Darden — are all eligible. You'll be able to find them under the Connect tab in Apple Music, where you can listen to each one on-demand.

Until now, Beats 1 shows were only broadcast twice — once live, and once as a rerun 12 hours later. This gave users in different time zones two opportunities to tune in when it best suited them, but those who missed both shows were out of luck.

Apple did give us the opportunity to listen to tracks from Beats 1 shows, but now it's making entire shows available for on-demand listening — just like a podcast.

"The easiest way to find Replays is to look for the DJ's curator page on Connect (such as "Julie Adenuga on Beats 1″), tap the Connect tab, and look for a playable Replay," reports MacStories. "This way, you'll be able to listen to a show in its entirety without having to skip the DJ talk and interviews with the playlists."

There are a couple of downsides to listening to the replays; information for individual tracks is not displayed like it is during live shows, and you cannot "love" songs that are played during a replay. Apple could change this later, but for now you'll have to go without these things.