It’s always great when different industries collide, and today’s news is a perfect example of consumers benefiting from technological progress.

GoPro on Tuesday announced users who own a HERO4 Black or Silver edition can stream directly through Periscope, an app that has quickly become the go-to livestreaming service of choice. The next livestream you watch could be of someone snowboarding down a beautiful Colorado slope.

The great thing about today’s news isn’t just the fact that live streams are about to get a lot more interesting; it’s how easy it is to use. You don’t need any extra accessories or complicated wiring—just a GoPro and iPhone 5s and above. Simply pair the devices, and Periscope will allow users to switch between the view from their phone, or the view from their GoPro.

It’s as simple as that. What you get is beautiful, wide-angle footage, which GoPro says will still be recorded to the action cam’s onboard storage.

Periscoping through a GoPro is only available on iOS right now, though live streams can be viewed by anyone. To be clear, you’ll still need whatever phone it is you’re Periscoping with on you at all times, but rather than a janky stream from your device’s rear camera, you can get a better view of the slopes through the lens of a GoPro.

The Winter X Games are currently underway, and GoPro says some of the athletes will be streaming through Periscope all week.