Starbucks iPhone app

Staying true to a promise it made back in November, Starbucks has now updated its official application for the iPhone to allow U.K. customers to pay for their morning coffee using only their device. The same service has been available in the U.S. since the beginning of 2010, but it makes its debut this week in over 700 Starbucks stores throughout Britain.

Users can link the iPhone application to their Starbucks card to allow faster payments while they’re at the till, without having to worry about counting all that change in the bottom of your pocket, or remembering your wallet. One in five customers are said to already be using a Starbucks card in the U.K., so the service is set to be a huge success.

Version 2.1.2 of the official Starbucks app — which is available to download now — also allows you to manage your Starbucks card on the go, topping up as and when you wish. As normal, the application is free to download to your iPhone.

While the new service doesn’t just bring convenience to caffeine addicts across the U.K., its rollout should see those lengthy queues during peak times diminish. Paying for your coffee with your iPhone is much quicker than paying by card, which means you can get in and out with your piping hot cappuccino even faster.

Have you paid for your first coffee with your iPhone yet?

[via The Next Web]