Carmen Sandiego

Whelp, there goes my day.

You can embed all sorts of media in tweets, though the usual stuff I see on Twitter sits among pictures, videos and sometimes GIFs. Now? Now you can embed old DOS games.

As long as they're hosted on the Internet Archive (, you can just pop their URL into a tweet and fire it off. Here's my offering of one of my personal favorites, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?.

The Internet Archive offers a huge pile of DOS games. You can check it out here, though not all of them emulate perfectly. Also, if you weren't really gaming during the era of DOS, you might not know exactly how bad some ports used to be. Trust me, they were bad.

The lineup does include the likes of Oregon Trail, Bust-A-Move and the original Sim City. Enjoy, friends, and say goodbye to some of your free time today.

Which games are going to tweet?