Spotify has teamed up with Waze to make it easier than ever to control music while following directions. Both firms have started rolling out updates for their Android applications. Once installed, users will be able to navigate to a new destination from within the music-streaming client, or change tracks while following a route on the navigation platform.

To encourage them to keep their eyes on the road, Waze users will only be able to browse playlists when their vehicle is at a standstill. Similarly, Spotify subscribers will need to be stationary to head into Waze from the client. There are, of course, simple workarounds — a user can just manually close one application and open the other, for example.

A discreet advertising opportunity

While this is a pretty neat partnership, it’s rather unexpected. Google, which owns Waze, operates its own music-steaming service — Play Music — though its user base is significantly smaller than Spotify’s 50 million. We, like Engadget, aren’t ruling out the possibility that it could be a discreet way for the firm to encourage more people to try out the Waze platform.

At present, the integration is only available on Android (it’s rolling out in stages, so don’t be alarmed if it’s not showing up for you just yet), though it’s expected to make its way to iOS in the not-too-distant future.