Essential is getting in on the accessory market. Through its website, Essential now sells an assortment of headphones, dongles and even a dock that charges the Essential Phone wirelessly—sort of.

The dock in question is called the Click Connector. It will charge the Essential Phone through the two pins on the back, meaning you won’t need wires to charge, hence the wireless charging claim. Pretty awesome, but unfortunately it’s not available just yet. Typical of Essential to make a great product but hurt its own cause by not selling it right away.

Here’s a breakdown of all the other new products you can buy through Essential:

  • EarphonesHD – $99
  • USB-C to 3.5mm dongle- $15
  • Earphones mini – $49
  • 27W Power Adapter faster charger – $39

These products are pretty straightforward. There is high-end version of earphones and a mid-range along with the dongle and adapter that comes with the Essential Phone, it’s just now sold separately.

Each of these products is now available for purchase through Essential’s site.