DOOM and DOOM II designer John Romero has put his own personal copy of DOOM II up on eBay, and we're talking "physical games" here. This isn't a simple digital purchase or a Steam key that he snagged up from a shady online reseller.

These are John Romero's original, 3.5-inch floppy disks that contain DOOM II ready to be installed on… well, you're probably not going to actually use these disks. It's the ownership that matters.

Remember when "ownership" used to be a thing in this increasingly subscription based world? This is a three-grand reminder of how nice it feels to have a physical game in your warm human hands.

And according to enthusiasts, these disks are worth $3,100 as of writing. With a little over an hour remaining in the eBay auction, John Romero is set to make a nice little wad of cash off of these keepsakes.

Check out the auction. Romero even says he will autograph them if the auction winner gives him the "go ahead."