The YotaPhone 2 (pictured above) may have crashed and burned in its plans to reach North America, but the company isn’t slowing down as a result. Yota Devices announced a new partnership with ZTE this week, along with plans to launch the YotaPhone 3 within the first quarter of 2016.

The deal involves moving production of some YotaPhone units to ZTE facilities, which should reduce costs by about 30 percent. It should also ensure a smoother launch for the next-generation device. However, a “special edition” of the dual-display smartphone will still be assembled in Russia.

The YotaPhone 3 will apparently be slightly cheaper than its predecessor, while still offering upgraded hardware. “The next generation of Yota Phone will come with a high-end performance and a reasonable price,” confirmed Yota CEO Vladislav Martynov in an interview with ChinaDaily.

Earlier this year, Yota’s Managing Director for the Americas, Matthew G. Kelly offered TechnoBuffalo a taste of the company’s plans for the YotaPhone 3. At the time the device was set to pack a faster Qualcomm processor, a sharper display, a better E Ink screen in back, a more powerful camera and a thinner design. Kelly also confirmed plans for a cheaper YotaPhone 2c at the time, though it’s unclear if that’s still in the works.