Yoshi’s New Island is launching this week, so chances are you might have seen the popular green dinosaur pop up on TV. You just might have had trouble recognizing him because he now masquerades as various vehicles.

The latest commercial shows off only a fraction of what Mario’s dinosaur buddy can turn into. Helicopters are awesome, and bobsleds are fun, but the commercial doesn’t even dive into half of his new powers. Yoshi can also transform into a jack-hammer, a mine cart, and a full blown submarine equipped to the teeth with real homing torpedoes.

“And only Yoshi can create Mega Eggdozers to crash through levels with destructive force,” a strapping young lad claims, as a monster Yoshi egg crashes through his poor family’s shed. Is it just me, or did Nintendo just make a reference to Killdozer? What a violent little game this is!

At any rate, Yoshi’s New Island is launching this week exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, and you can check out our thoughts in the coming days.

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