Yoshi Edition Nintendo 3DS XL

In conjunction with the upcoming launch of Yoshi's New Island, Nintendo of America has announced a brand new themed Nintendo 3DS XL.

Launching alongside the game on March 14, this brand new handheld theme is, in the words of Nintendo, "Egg-cellent." They went there.

The system will check in at $199.99, the typical starting price for all of these unique 3DS XL models. It won't, however, include a copy of the game it's being released in celebration of. If you want Yoshi's New Island, and we assume you do if you're considering his 3DS XL SKU, you'll have to buy it separately at $39.99.

Personally, I like that Nintendo continues to release unique hardware designs for the 3DS XL. It's a great system, and seeing it in all sorts of custom shades and themes is great. I wish I knew they were going to release a Zelda themed unit before I picked mine up, though.

Any interest in the Yoshi Edition Nintendo 3DS XL?