It’s not the best game to star the beloved dinosaur Yoshi, nor would I call it a “Nintendo 64 classic” in any sense of the phrase; however, Nintendo has pushed forward with the release of Yoshi’s Story on the Wii U Virtual Console.

The game will set gamers back $9.99.

When it was first released way back in 1997, many Nintendo fans were hoping for a proper follow-up to Nintendo’s essential Super Nintendo masterpiece, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. What they got was a cute but ultimately easy platformer that didn’t push the envelope nearly as far as Super Mario 64 or the rest of the early Nintendo 64 library did.

Ever play Mischief Makers? That was a better 2D platformer than this! Where’s our Virtual Console release for that? Shake shake!

Mischief Makers

On Yoshi’s Story, critics said “meh,” gamers didn’t buy into it, and it sails under the radar as one of Nintendo’s least beloved platformers. In retrospect, it didn’t deserve the cold shoulder it universally got from the gaming audience, but to call it a misunderstood classic would be too much praise.

This is coming from a guy who still really likes Yoshi’s New Island on the Nintendo 3DS, so what do I know about good Yoshi games?

Yoshi’s Story launches for the Wii U Virtual Console today.