Playtonic has unveiled Glitterglaze Glacier, a new, wintery level for Yooka-Laylee. It’s one of five large worlds in the title.

Here’s the level’s trailer.

Snow levels have always been my jam

Growing up, the jump from 2D gaming to 3D with the Nintendo 64 marked a huge moment in my gaming life. Watching Mario pop out of that pipe for the first time in Super Mario 64 was huge.

The notion of wide open spaces in gaming was finally upon us in a real way, and there was a certain thrill in the vast scale games could have. To me, nothing really captures that concept of size like a spartan snowscape. Snowy environments in games, then, became some of my favorite to experience.

My absolutely favorite for the Nintendo 64? Banjo-Kazooie’s Freezeezy Peak.

Seeing that Playtonic is made up, partially, of members from Rare’s past means that some of Freezeezy’s flavor should carry into Glitterglaze. Consider me excited.

Yooka-Laylee will launch for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on April 11, 2017. It’s due for the Nintendo Switch later this year.