During its Level-5 Vision 2015 event in Japan, booming game developer Level-5 confirmed the development of Yokai Watch 3, the next game in its popular monster collecting RPG series.

Seemingly running out of Japanese folklore to spoof, this Yokai Watch will be different from previous games by taking place not in Japan but rather in the U.S.! St. Peanutsburg, USA to be more specific. Your main character plays a Japanese student who transfers overseas with his father’s job, and the yokai follow him along. Series protagonist Keita Amano also tags along with the transfer as well.

Let’s hope Level-5 can infuse its goofy sense of humor into American legends the same way it did with Japan’s monsters. Who can we expect to see? Bigfoot? The Headless Horseman? Jackalopes?

The news comes on the heels of Nintendo finally confirming that Yokai Watch will be published in the United States. Something tells me this new setting was inspired by Level-5’s need to appeal to children beyond the borders of Japan, but I want to be less cynical and more innocent about it. Japanese kids could be very interested in American spirits, and this is a wonderful way to educate them about our legends.

Just as wonderful a way as it is for Yokai Watch to teach American kids about Japanese yokai! That’s a rabbit hole I wish I fell down when I was a kid.