Yo-kai Watch, the game from Level 5 that managed to absolutely take over Japan, is on its way to the western world. Nintendo has just posted a launch trailer for the title, and it covers all that the original Yo-kai adventure has in store for players.

I’m of two minds when it comes to this trailer. It’s undeniably cheesy, and that’s sort of off-putting for a player who adores darker titles like FalloutMetal GearPersona and, I don’t know, Halo. This seems like a game aimed squarely at kids. Not a game that just appeals to kids, but a game meant specifically for kids.

That said, as someone who’s been playing Yo-kai Watch for review over the last week or so, this trailer nails the spirit of the game that I actually enjoy. I won’t go into detail as I can’t thanks to the embargo that still applies to me as I draft this story, but I actually love that I had to embrace the silliness to enjoy this game.

Yo-kai Watch is completely, unapologetically silly. That’s cool, if you can embrace it.

Yo-kai Watch will drop for the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 6.

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