As a teacher in Japan, you have no idea how familiar I am with this ultra popular Yo-Kai Watch anime series. It's on a far more annoying and direct level than any Western fans who have safely watched fansubs from a distance through their computer screens.

I live through this ongoing explosion in Japan, even as I write. Kids sing the theme songs, instruct me on the monsters' names, teach me the dances, show me how to use the cheap plastic discs in the cheap plastic watches, and even pounce on me in the movie theater while I'm on a date coincidentally during the feature films' opening night. Trust me when I say it plays absolutely everywhere on TV and is plastered all over McDonald's and your local supermarket.

I survived the first wave of this fad, and now I never have to do it again! Alright! Wait a minute… nooooo! It's in English now, I almost forgot. This is like Frozen all over again, but in reverse.

Yo-Kai Watch premieres next month on Oct. 5 5pm ET/PT on Disney XD. A new trailer should give you a decent idea of what to expect from the show. The songs? They are the same. The stories… the same. The characters… the same. Our friend Keita from Ibaraki, or Nate from Idaho if you wanna go there, stumbles across a ghost who gives him the power to see other "yokai" monsters. From there, Professor Oak sends him on a quest to collect them all… or some such foolishness.

I didn't know they used 100 yen coins in Idaho. I didn't know cicadas were that noisy in the States either.

And thus we have a huge downside of living in Japan. Once something becomes popular in the States, you have to survive the hype twice. Don't get me started on how much you suffered through "Let it Go" because I went through it three time longer. Why? Because Japan took twice as long as North America to "let it go." Apparently, the same goes for the reverse as well should an anime strike it big with kids back in North America as well.

I don't know if my brain can handle this. At least I am looking forward to finally seeing what the game is all about. I'll be playing Yo-Kai Watch on Oct. 5 the Nintendo 3DS.