Nintendo is planning to rock Yo-kai Watch like its 90s Pokemania all over again, but to get this ball rolling, we need a game first. And to make the game a hit nowadays, it needs a solid demo. Nintendo apparently has one ready for us, and we now know about it thanks to a leak from the Australian Classification Board.

You can see the classification over at its official website. The game squeaked by with a PG rating with only “mild violence” really jamming it up in any way. It’s a game about monsters fighting monsters, so of course there is going to be mild violence.

Generally, demos on Nintendo platforms launch two weeks before the final release, just like how we saw The Legend of Legacy demo release two weeks ago and will see the main game on Thursday. Yo-Kai Watch is set to release on Nov. 6, so this demo will probably be out next week on the eShop.

In addition to the game, Nintendo and the recently established Level-5 team have eight volumes of manga, 90 episodes of anime, and mountains of plastic discs, watches, and other cheap plastic junk to help make your Christmas shopping that much easier. Get yourself educated soon!

Just remember, Yo-kai Watch takes place in Idaho despite looking like a generic Japanese suburban neighborhood. I haven’t been to Idaho in many years, but I don’t remember it looking like that.

Yo-kai Watch will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 6. If successful, Nintendo will consider bringing over the sequel, which is reportedly a much better game.

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