Hey yo! Who called it? A certain someone said Yo-Kai Watch’s leaked demo would appear two weeks before the final release, as is standard with Nintendo demos. Low and behold, two weeks before the full release, next week, the Yo-Kai Watch demo will go live.

What’s my prize? A free demo! Nice…

I’m actually kind of psyched for this. Living as a teacher of kindergarten and elementary school children in Japan, I’ve had to suffer through Yo-Kai Watch mania without ever once experiencing any form of it, be it the manga, movies, toys, or even card games. Here we are, a full two years after this thing first caught on, and I finally get to see what these students of mine have been obsessing over.

I just still can’t get over how much Idaho looks like suburban Japan, though. It’s mind-boggling! Can anybody who lives in Idaho confirm this for me please?

Yo-Kai Watch will launch on Nov. 6 for the Nintendo 3DS. The demo goes live on Oct. 22, and if you are not on board yet, the anime is currently airing on the Disney channel. I don’t expect a Pokemania level of enthusiasm from the mainstream audiences, but I’m curious to see where this lands.