Yo-Kai Watch has been riding high for Level-5 and Bandai Namco over the last half-a-decade or so. Between the anime, games, manga and toys, it had an insane run in Japan and a modest surge here in North America. That ride seems to be on a downward trend.

Bandai Namco indicated that Yo-Kai Watch brought in 10.4 billion yen, or roughly $91 million USD. Sounds like a lot, sure, but that’s a third of what the franchise made the year before.

Personally speaking, the show is still exceedingly popular here in my house. My son loves it, and every episode I catch is charming and creative, albeit a bit on the whacky side. The games, though? I don’t see too many people talking about those.

More like Yo-Kai Saw, right?

Yo-Kai Watch was never going to be as popular here as it was in Japan. Culturally, Japanese consumers had more of a touchstone with the franchise thanks to it being steeped in Japanese lore, though with a silly take.

Abroad? Yo-Kai Watch has been a really neat curiosity instead of a sensation. I hope it doesn’t fizzle out completely, but I totally get why it’s slowing down.