Yokai Watch 2

Nintendo has officially been tapped to bring over Japan's biggest monster collecting game franchise. No, not Pokemon. Level-5 and the big N have reached a deal to bring Yo-kai Watch to America. Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino confirmed the news during its Level-5 Vision 2015 press conference.

The popular Nintendo 3DS RPG series has been a long time in coming, but the release in America will be in 2016. Afterwards, Hasbro will release the toys, and the anime will also hit American air waves. I feel like its 1998 all over again. If Nintendo got Pokemania to work, Yokaimania should be just as simple. Protagonist Keita Amano has already been renamed to Nathan Adams, so say sayonara to Yokai Watch's Japanese roots.

Just kidding. Scrubbing out references to Japan in this franchise would leave nothing left!

Other announcements during the live stream included a collaboration with Koei Tecmo called Yo-kai Watch: Three Kingdoms, a spoof of the Romance of Three Kingdoms strategy series, and a new Yo-Kai Watch Busters game for the Nintendo 3DS. This game will be released in a Red and White version, and it will focus more on the game's yokai monsters rather than the human elements of the story.

Sounds like a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game to me.

Exciting news all around, and if Yo-kai Watch can take three years to be released in America, I still have hope that Dragon Quest VII can do the same! I can promise that this puts a stake in the heart of the Dragon Quest Monsters games, though. No point in having three major monster collecting franchises on the same console in America.