The writers at Level-5 certainly are a real cheeky bunch, aren’t they? Its latest game, Yo-kai Watch 3, will be taking place in both the United States and Japan, and who else better to represent the Red, White, and Blue than its two most famous paranormal detectives. Yes, straight from The X-Files, the game will star both Mulder and Scully in their respective roles.

Oh wait, I’m sorry. “Marder” and “Kakurii,” two investigators of the “Y-File.” My apologies. We wouldn’t want to be stepping on too may intellectual property laws, would we?

Gematsu also reports that the game will allow players to create their own “cat Yo-kai” instead of dealing with the ones it provided in the first few games, and it will feature a pop-idol mini-game starring the popular girl-group “Nya-KB.”

See, the guys are Level-5 are just the cheekiest monkeys on the block, aren’t they? Yo-kai Watch 3 will be released in Japan on July 16. Meanwhile, North Americans will be getting Yo-kai Watch 2 on Sept. 30. We’re catching up, ever so slowly.