Of course this is a thing that exists. Two developers, Holden Link and Nic Vasconcellos, have created an Oculus Rift compatible simulation of A Night at the Roxbury. That's the old SNL skit and, eventually, flick that featured two overly aggressive bachelors and their outstanding head bobs.

As Link and Vasconcellos write on the game's website, this is "A highly immersive next-generation 90's experience exclusively for Oculus Rift DK2." That it is, friends. That it is.

Look, even the website for this thing is perfect. It makes use of animated GIFs showing a constantly increasing hit counter, an under construction banner and a whole lot more. It reeks of the 90s, in a beautiful way. See for yourself: http://www.nightattheroculus.com/.

You can download A Night at the Roculus for free right now on Windows and Mac. You will need an Oculus DK2 to get this working, it does not support the first developer kit. It is, though, entirely free.