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Yelp is considering a sale, potentially valuing the crowdsourced food reviews website at $3.5 billion, according to a report on Thursday. Nothing's been decided yet, though the company is reportedly in talks with several possible buyers.

Yelp, a publicly traded company, is currently valued at roughly $2.9 billion, and the move pushed its share price up around 25 percent earlier in the day. Still, growth has apparently started to slow down recently, and the firm could be looking to sell while it's still healthy. Yelp's massive trove of data and its loyal user base should be a valuable asset to a number of companies.

There's still no word on which companies might buy Yelp. Back in 2009, Google almost bought the site for just $500 million, though it's unclear if the search giant still has any interest. It's possible we'll learn more soon, though it's just as likely the entire story could amount to nothing; The Wall Street Journal said a deal is not imminent.