Yakuza Zero

SEGA promised that the newest game in the Yakuza series would not be a spin-off like Yakuza Restoration or Yakuza Dead Souls, but the new teaser website also confirms that it is not Yakuza 6 either. Instead, the development team will be diving into the early days of the saga with what looks like an origin story in Yakuza Zero: The Place of Oath.

80s Japan, here we come!

SEGA has confirmed that Yakuza Zero: The Place of Oath is in development for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and the official teaser site promises more details at Tokyo Game Show 2014 from Sept. 18 to 21. A hint also advises viewers to check in on Aug. 28 for more information as well.

In addition to the the new game, SEGA also announced the winners of its "Sexy Actress Popularity Contest," and the top 30 winners will all appear in the game, possibly as part of the popular hostess club side-quests.

So while certainly it's not as far back as the Meiji Revolution, the Yakuza series is once again jumping into the past. I wouldn't get your hopes up on seeing it here, though. American fans of the series are still waiting for Yakuza 5 and Yakuza: Restoration to be localized, and SEGA has made no announcements on its intentions to continue American releases.