The Yakuza series is often a hard sell to play from beginning to end. They are very chatty, have a ton of back story, and are constantly outperforming the previous entry when it comes to gameplay and graphics. Unless you are here strictly for the story of this well oiled machine, it’s tough to give a recommendation to go back and explore the rest.

Yakuza 6 takes that train of thought to a whole new level with its most impressive looking game to date. My guess is that SEGA has the gameplay and extra features down so pat these days that it has plenty of extra time and money to sink into just making the Yakuza games the most remarkable representations of modern day Japan around.

The trailer starts off by reminding us of how proud SEGA is of its lighting and reflection effects before finally getting to the butt-kicking action that the franchise is best known for. Kazuma Kiryu is a man who knows how to dish out the pain, and you’ll feel the force of these brutal attacks in your own body after watching this trailer.

Let’s not forget the chicken nuggets that you can buy in the local convenience store. I had a pack of those this morning, and they sure were tasty.

Yakuza 6 chicken nuggets

Mmm, couldn’t be more unhealthy if I tried. Yakuza 6 launches for the PlayStation 4 in Japan in Q3/Q4 2016, and we might not get it in North America until later.