Not every game gets its own accolades trailer on a platform-specific channel. That’s Yakuza 0 for ya. It’s that good, and you can read my review for further proof.

Here’s the trailer. Watch for flying money, half-naked dudes dancing in the streets and lots of brutal combat.

Yakuza 0 is your chance to play a franchise you’ve ignored for far too long

Me? I hopped onto the Yakuza train with 3. That was my starting point. It’s a complicated franchise to get into, with its own set of constant characters, a timeline that connects between games and mechanics that are ever-present in the series.

It’s like hopping into a comic series that’s 70 issues deep, right? It’s demanding, and it requires you to hit Wikipedia and fan forums to fill in the gaps.

Not Yakuza 0! This is the game that should get you to finally dive into this outstanding franchise. It’s a prequel that stands up entirely on its own. You could come into this game without knowing a darn thing about the characters or the plot and feel right at home.

Pull the trigger, friend, Yakuza 0 is a brilliant piece of game development. It’s out now on the PlayStation 4.