Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z has some new screenshots from the New York Comic Con, and once again it seems it has divided the fanbase.

Some like the change and want to see a new spin on the series, and others want a return to the Xbox era games with its tough brutality. Well, developers Team Ninja, Comcept, and Spark Unlimited are listening to one side and not the other because this is about as far from the Xbox era Ninja Gaiden games as it gets.

Ninja Gaiden star Ryu Hayabusa has realigned his body with machines and gone totally cyborg against an army of equally cybernetic zombies. The comic book art style clashes heavily with the older realistic graphics of the Xbox masterpiece, so it should go without saying why many are upset with the change.

I might sound hypocritical, being one of the more vocal raging voices against Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry reboot before I actually played it, but I hope the crowd can judge this new one on its own merit rather than against the series' history. I'm somewhat of a fan of this new one, but maybe because its a Japanese series being left in Japan that I have an easier time accepting it.

If you want to talk legacy though, no, this is not your daddy's Ryu Hyabusa, but it might be your granddaddy's depending on how young you are. Ryu Hayabusa looks nothing like his Xbox counterpart, but he far more resembles the NES Ryu Hayabusa with the purple hooded headgear. Back in those days, he fought everything from birds to hockey players.

I'd say this new game is more loyal to the NES era of Ninja Gaiden than the last one was, apart from the difficulty.