With all its different apps and acquisitions it’s easy to forget that the way many people experience Yahoo is through its homepage. The classic web portal still brings in solid traffic, but it looks like Yahoo.com may be due for a mobile-friendly makeover.

A screenshot of an upcoming redesign, apparently slated to launch next month, leaked out today courtesy of Re/code co-founder Kara Swisher. The new homepage actually surfaced on Twitter at least once before and Swisher seems confident that the relaunch will arrive next month.

It’s definitely a more modern look but we’re guessing the design still needs a little touching up before it’s ready for the public. The big carousel of new stories that used to grab your attention is gone, replaced by a simple column of articles that should feel right at home on your smartphone screen. To the left is a pared down navigation menu, while two more columns on the right side show news from around the Web and original Yahoo content. Of course, there’s still a search bar up top along with a list of trending topics.

According to Re/code, not everyone at Yahoo is happy with the new look, which could make it harder to push the site’s biggest stories and personalities on its front page. The redesign should be coming pretty soon and we don’t think the site’s regular users will have too much trouble adjusting.