A new weather app developed by Yahoo is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in the App Store this year. If Apple and Yahoo are planning further integration—outside of Stocks, basic Weather and some Siri info—please implement the online company's new app, which was released today for free on iOS. I can't stop staring at it.

There's no shortage of weather apps, and you can get the day's report from nearly anywhere. But Yahoo's effort is one of the most beautiful out there, expertly designed, intuitive and simple to read. And it's not overly complicated despite how much information it provides.

After pulling in your location data, the app will bring up a beautiful full-screen picture with the weather in the bottom left corner. Today in Irvine it's Fair, currently 72 degrees, with a high of 75 and a low of 54. If you scroll down the background picture, which is pulled from Flickr (where else?) and reflects the weather outside, becomes blurry while a full breakdown of the day's weather is right there. It also gives you a five day forecast pulled straight from wunderground.com.

If you scroll down even more, the app will display further details of today's weather, including humidity and visibility. Yahoo also includes a daily precipitation breakdown, wind and pressure and when the sun will rise and set. It even shows you what type of moon will fill the sky at night. The background changes every so often, too, so visually things stay fresh.

At the top you can quickly jump into settings and also add new locations, which you can swipe through. You can allow the app to show you your current location all the time, or turn it off, and you can also rearrange locations to your preference. By default, New York and San Francisco were already added.

If you're traveling in a specific area, the app even shows a tiny map so you know how the weather's holding up around town.

As far as rebuilding efforts go—Yahoo is under new leadership, remember—this little weather app is pretty wonderful. It's fast, intuitive, beautiful and really informative. If you don't use anything outside of iOS's stock weather app (I don't), give this a shot. It just may surprise you.