Yahoo began introducing a new logo design every day on Aug. 5, leading to the final unveil today, Sept. 5. Well, the new logo is here and we've pasted it below. The company said it wanted to "stay true to its roots" with the new design, which means it kept the exclamation point and the purple color scheme.

The Yahoo logo will eventually be placed on all of the Yahoo properties, and we imagine that means we'll see minor updates to get it squeezed into the company's mobile apps as well. The company posted a little video describing the process of creating the logo, and says that it ultimately reflects the "evolution of [its] products."

That's certainly true – the evolution part – Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has put a huge emphasis on redesigning Yahoo's websites so that they look more modern and useful. The company's sites actually surpassed Google's in unique traffic recently (though YouTube was left out of the metrics), so apparently the efforts are paying off.