Yahoo recently disclosed the lifeless futures in place for a few of its properties. In the company’s second quarter 2015 progress report on product prioritization, Yahoo explained that it will be killing off services such as Yahoo Maps, removing support for apps running on older iPhones and more.

Yahoo’s chief architect Amotz Maimon explained, perhaps most notably, that Yahoo Maps will be laid to rest at the end of this month. Yahoo Maps was first launched eight years ago and Maimon said the property no longer aligns with Yahoo’s priorities. The company will continue to support maps that are embedded in other products, such as Flickr, however. It seems like a wise choice for Yahoo, given the popularity of Google Maps, the power of Nokia HERE Maps (which technically powers part of Yahoo Maps) and the impending refresh of Apple Maps.

Maimon also explained that Yahoo Pipes, a sort of custom content aggregator, will close at the end of August. Likewise, properties such as Yahoo Music will close in Canada and France, and Yahoo Movies will shut down in Spain. Yahoo TV will go dark in the U.K, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Canada, and other properties, such as Yahoo Autos, will close in select markets, too.

Finally, Yahoo also noted that Yahoo Mail will drop support for older iOS devices running iOS 4 and earlier — another wise decision given few folks are still on that version — and will drop Yahoo Contacts support on Macs running anything older than OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.