Since taking over as CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer hasn’t been pulling any punches in revamping the company and its services. The company has cut a multitude of lower tier services, redesigned its logo and now Yahoo Mail has been redesigned in honor of its 16th anniversary, but it’s the users who are receiving the present.

Yahoo announced today that its Mail service has a new look that will allow you to pick a theme that will be universal across all devices you access it from. Besides a graphical facelift, actions such as starring and deleting have been simplified, and features such as disposable email addresses, enhanced filters and automatic message forwarding – which were previously exclusive to Mail Plus customers – are now available to all users.

Possibly the biggest news to come out of this anniversary, however, is the increase in storage. While Google, Mayer’s former employer, held the title of being the most generous with mail storage space for a long time with 25GB, Yahoo decided to up the game just a tad today by jumping all the way to 1TB. In short, it’s going to be really difficult for anyone to ever fill up their inbox now.

No word from Google as of yet, but it’s difficult to imagine that it will allow this increase in storage to go unanswered.

The new Yahoo Mail is available now on the Web and for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.